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What is Carrier® Greenspeed?

Carrier has had another breakthrough in smart efficiency – and it's super cool, even by our high standards! It's called Greenspeed Intelligence, and it turbo-charges the efficiency of the Infinity® heat pump.

If you have a Carrier® Infinity® heat pump to heat and cool your home, you already know how quiet and efficient they are.

Greenspeed Intelligence allows the Infinity control that runs the heat pump to gather information about your home's energy use, your comfort needs, even the outside temperature, and then use what it knows to run the heating and cooling system in a way that maximizes comfort while minimizing energy use. For example, a heat pump that's controlled by Greenspeed Intelligence tends to run at lower speeds for longer periods of time, which keeps your rooms more comfortable with quieter operation, drawing less electricity all the while.

The introduction of Greenspeed Intelligence technology makes the Infinity heat pump the highest heating efficiency air source heat pump available to homeowners.

Nilson Greenspeed Inteliggence